Factor your invoices for free with every swipe

Whether you manage one truck or 1000, we help you get paid faster. Stream helps you manage your payments, reduce your costs and factor your invoices.

  • Earn 1% cashback on your expenses
  • Receive advance payments for a rate as low as 0%
Do your clients pay you in 30, 60 or 90 days?

With Stream, get cash in your hands today

Cost reduction

Earn 1% cashback every time you spend with your free debit card that is accepted everywhere.

Cash advance

Get your invoices factored for a rate that starts at 1.5% and decreases to 0%.
The more you spend on your debit card, the lower your rate becomes.

Quick access to funds

We pay 100% of the cash owed by your clients directly into your bank account within hours. This cash can be used for your debit card spending.

Full control of your finances

Take control of the entire fleet with full visibility into every cent spent by your fleet and gain control of your drivers' spending.

No paperwork

Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork! We help you reduce administrative overhead.

Are you worried about cost increase?

Stream offers you a 3-in-1 solution, built to save costs and improve cash flow

1/ Free debit cards

Assign debit cards to your drivers and set their spending rules. Our cards are accepted anywhere in Europe.
Spend on any business purchase anywhere, and control where every cent goes
Get 1% cashback on all expenses, including fuel

2/ Cash advance & Factoring

Create an invoice for your client and don't wait to get paid
With one click, Stream gives you a cash advance for 100% of the amount of the invoice into your bank account
When you spend on your debit card the money that you received from Stream, your factoring rate would be 0%

3/ Control and overview

Set your own card rules and know exactly when and where drivers are making purchases
Block any unwanted transactions, and protect your business from payment fraud
Monitor and view all your transactions in one place

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